Specialist in Orthodontics • Diplomate of American Board of Orthodontics • Member of the College of Diplomats
Linda D. Sheridan, D.D.S, A.B.O
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Dr. Sheridan and Team are happy to welcome you to our orthodontic office. We pride ourselves in delivering the highest in quality and care. We are dedicated to helping each patient achieve an attractive smile with straight teeth.

With over 30 years of experience in the Grass Valley/Nevada City area, we treat all ages to our famous Sheridan Smile. Dr. Sheridan's reputation for exceptional quality orthodontics has made the Smiles she creates long sought after for both the attention to jaw joint health and lasting results.

Dr. Sheridan creates your treatment based on your individual dental issues and desires. Her goal is to align your teeth, lips and jaws, so your facial structure functions properly and looks balanced. Her personalized art form is recognizable as a SHERIDAN SMILE.

xray sample

Critical to the creation of this unique facial signature is the planning. Dr. Sheridan takes great care in analyzing both your visible facial attributes as well as the underlying supporting structure.

This analysis includes your “smile line”, dark corridors when you smile, spacing between teeth, dental crowding as well as your tooth size and shape. And then how your SHERIDAN SMILE ages with you (stability, gum health, structural support)?

The models of your teeth are mounted on an articulator to evaluate the working relationship with your jaw joint. An important part of the plan to protect both your teeth and your jaw joint. A detailed plan for treatment will be presented to you. We will be working with your wants and needs as well as the treatment goals to be delivered.

Now for the execution of that plan for the SHERIDAN SMILE: You must cooperate with treatment expectations to and including cleaning, appointments, and following through with your general dental care.

Careful planning and execution of that plan results in a beautiful SHERIDAN SMILE complete with final analysis and art form.

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